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Class Descriptions


All dancers should consider the typical ages when deciding which classes to take but understand that technical level overrides ages at all times. If the classes prove to be too simple or challenging; it will be at the parent AND instructors discretion to move the dancers up or down. All movement in class levels must be complete by February 1st, 2018. We will do evaluations at the end of every year to help guide you and your dancer on placement for the upcoming dance season. Each class has a maximum number of students allowed, to ensure substantial amounts of individual attention per student.



Combo classes are intended to introduce beginner dancers to a variety of styles and movements. Our combo dancers will practice tap, ballet and jazz in their class times. There is no specific dress code for this class. Most dancers wear a leotard and skirt of some type. We prefer PINK ballet shoes and BLACK tap shoes .



Hip Hop classes are energetic classes that not only teach you Hip Hop movements and technique, but also instill rhythm and precision in your muscle memory.  There is no specific dress code for this class. Please wear tennis shoes to class.



Ballet class focuses on basic ballet technique, proper body alignment, French terminology and musicality. Attention is paid to the proper extension of the legs and feet, use of the head and balance.  


  • **Dress Code: 

  • All dancers in all ballet classes should come dressed in pink ballet shoes (preferably canvas), leotard (any color and style), pink tights under leo or black tights over leo, and hair in a neat bun. If your dancer is not in dress code, they will be asked to leave class.




Jazz class begin with a warm-up to develop strength, flexibility, correct alignment and coordination, followed by progressions down the floor executing a variety of technical skills and finishes with a combo of the combined skills. There is no specific dress code.



Tap is a fun and challenging form of dance promotes a combination of rhythm, timing and coordination.  Students develop musicality through various exercises. We focus on proper techniques, clear taps and appropriate speed.



Tumble class is designed to teach basic tumbling skills that may be performed in dance routines. They will increase flexibility, muscle control and strength. Must wear form fitted clothing. Bare feet.



Pom is designed to prepare experienced dancers on the proper technique and execution to become member of a high school dance team. No specific dress code.



Conditioning classes are designed to challenge our dancers strength and stamina. Dancers will perform a variety of exercises to increase their ability to execute dance routines with power and strength.



Private Lessons are designed to give a dancer one on one time with an instructor and focus on areas of need for extended periods of time. These are a great chance for your dancer to focus on their wants/needs and to progress quickly an many areas. Please email [email protected] to schedule a private lesson today!




Class Expectations

•Students are expected to attend all classes, unless there are emergencies or prior arrangements to miss. If a student misses class they are encouraged to take a makeup class within the month.

•No gum

•No cell phones

•Minimum talking

•Show respect for all instructors, classmates, and staff.

•Appropriate attire and shoes specific to style of class.

•No pets allowed in the studio.

•Parents must be prompt in picking up their dancers after class. Dancers under the age of 5 should not be dropped off for their class period. Please stay in the waiting area.

•You may drop dancers off 10 minutes prior to class, but no earlier, please.

•Please put your name in all belongings. We cannot be responsible for lost/stolen items.

•We abide by the Ray-Pec School district for all closings due to weather. Please “LIKE” our Facebook Page to stay current on all updates.




We enroll dancers all year long!


However, for dancers interested in being in our year end recital, we suggest enrolling before January 1st.