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"Our family is so blessed to have had FDC come into our lives! As someone who is new to the dance world, it can be a little overwhelming to see all the different studios that are out there. I am so glad that we chose FEARless Dance Center in September 2014, over all the other choices. They offer a variety of classes in several genres of dance, including Jazz, Hip Hop, Tap, Ballet and/or Combo, to name a few. The teachers (who are all SO talented) have such enthusiasm and truly show how passionate they are on a daily basis. My daughter LOVEs all of them! The other families who attend are very welcoming and make you feel at ease. I can happily say that I have made many dance mom friends! I love how organized they are and how well they communicate with every family – I am such a planner, and it’s so nice to have dance be that way as well. My daughter has grown so much since we first enrolled – she is super confident, extremely outgoing, and has made so many friends that she looks forward to seeing on every visit. I would highly recommend for anyone to join the FDC family – it’s a great way to learn about dance, and/or enhance your child’s current dance skills. Boys and girls alike will love attending and parents will too!"

-Melissa Roach – Greenwood, MO


"As a family new to dance we were welcomed with open arms. Classes teach traditional technique, rhythm and the fundamentals all while keeping the students engaged and entertained. All of the teachers are professional, approachable and cheerful and the students absolutely love them! I'm so so glad we found Fearless!"

-Jessica Streeter- Raymore, MO.


"We are so happy we have chosen Fearless Dance Center as our dance studio and dance family! The energy there  is infectious. The fabulous young women who are my daughter's dance teachers are talented, highly skilled, accomplished dancers whose commitment to each dancers' success is beyond measure! In addition, the organization and communication is excellent between studio and and families. The instructors make dancing fun and most of all they love the dancers like their own!"

-Molly Slaughter - Pleasant Hill, MO.


"While changing studios is always a difficult decision to make, the Fearless staff has made the transition a smooth and most welcoming one.  The instructors exemplify the amazing POWER in commitment, teamwork, responsibility; with a little touch of faith added into the mix for the girls.  They take great pride in encouraging  the pursuit of dancing with honesty and kindness.  One can’t argue that these are gifts to last a lifetime."

- Renee Anthuis - Raymore, MO.


"I’ve tried many of the dance studios in the area and found myself drifting because every studio seemed to be missing one or more key qualities.  If you take all the best qualities of a dance studio and combine them in to one, Fearless is it.  The staff is extremely PROFESSIONAL and the studio is run like a true business so there is no chaos, confusion on schedules, fees, etc. (website options are fabulous).  The TALENT in the instructors is amazing.  The teachers ENGAGE with each and every one of the students to build a personal relationship which is the most important quality.  They hold themselves to the same standards as their dancers, and it is so fun to watch the teachers dance just as hard in those classes as the girls are (walk the talk).  The CONFIDENCE they bring out in the dancers is so fun to watch.  My little girl has learned more in the past 5 months than she learned in 5 years of dancing and I can’t wait to watch her continue to grow.  And best of all, she is having so much FUN!  It’s so relieving to have her get so excited when I tell her it’s dance night."

- Anna Jenkins - Raymore, MO.


"At the suggestion of a friend, I enrolled my daughter in Fearless Dance Center about two months ago. My daughter is almost 3 years old, and loves her beginning combo “Dance class!” We count off the days until her next class, and she is always practicing her “sassy walk” around the house. I have found the staff and instructors to be gracious and professional and full of energy! Enrolling in FDC has been a great decision for us."

- Susan Thompson - Belton, MO.


"Our experience with FDC has been flawless!  The professionalism and organization is truly top-notch.  As a Mom of a newer competitive dancer the consistent emails, reminders and notifications are appreciated so costs and schedules can easily be anticipated.  All expectations are clearly lined out upfront and easy to accomplish.  More importantly - THE TEACHERS - all of the teachers are AMAZING!!  My daughter has 4 different teachers which all show their expertise, love for dance and love for the kids in each class!!  We are blessed to have such amazing role models in our daughter's life.  Also, the studio is always clean and welcoming!  In just a few months we are proud to call FDC members a part of our family."

- Kelly Raby - Raymore. MO.


"My daughter had tried a couple of studios. She just couldn't find one that she was comfortable at. We heard about FEARless Dance Center and she gave it a go.  Love it! So easy going and friendly yet very structured! She is very happy here! I love it because communication is top notch! I definitely feel like these ladies are truly here for the students AND their parents!"

- Cheryl Mason - Belton, MO.


"Our daughter started taking dance classes with Mrs. Hayley, from FEARless Dance Center in October 2014. She loves dance class and asks everyday if today is "dance class" day? You can truly see that dance is Mrs. Hayley's passion and how much she cares about all of her students. As a parent I appreciate that she is fun, patient, kind and yet, a firm instructor when she needs to be. Our daughter is very outgoing and full of energy and dance has been a great way to challenge her both physically and mentally. In just the few short months that she has been attending, we have seen her learn and grow so much. We love watching her interact with her fellow dancers and it melts my heart when they all perform a little dance routine together, to show us what they have been working on. FEARless has an amazing staff and we feel very blessed to be apart of the family here!"

- Andrew and Whitney Smith - Belton, MO.


We came to FDC a year ago when the doors opened and couldn't be happier with our decision. Coming to FDC was definitely the right choice for our family. The staff/teachers at Fearless have been wonderful and gone above and beyond what we possibly could of hoped for. They have welcomed everyone with open arms and built a special bond with each one of the girls right from the start. The staff is very professional, well organized and communication is excellent between the staff, parents and kids. We definitely consider our Fearless family part of our family. The staff truly cares for the kids and takes the time to talk with them and find out what expectations or goals they may have. I see a huge confidence boost in the girls and love how the teachers encourage them. You can see the passion the teachers have for dance and for our children. They strive to instill that same passion and faith in our children. The teachers at Fearless have truly built something special in just under a year & we are proud to be a part if it. We truly love our FDC dance family!

-  Kristin Alford - Peculiar, MO.